Instruction or promotion movie, animation or live registration. Together with our clients we make creative productions.
We help you with the concept and script and can support you throughout the process. With our experience, professional equipment and flexibility we make a video production which you can use.

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In our studio we can realize a complete set-up with different backgrounds, decor or green screen where we can make a setting in. In a well-illuminated space you can present news, product presentation or an instruction.

Also on location we record a presentation in your own office or for example a reportage and interviews during your event. We are a team that makes beautiful images and is concerned with the content. Our strength lies in a good story to film so that the viewer feels as if he or she really has been there. A good audio recording and post production speaks for itself.

Editing makes the movie. We can quickly deliver a quality video by being critical and dare to make choices. With 3 editing workstations we create multiple productions simultaneously or together one product. With music and colorcorrection we create the right atmosphere in your movie.

Animation has many styles and ways. Animation clarifies and adds visual quality to the production. We create animations in 2D and 3D. A 2D animation example is a title, intro or bumper in your video but also a full video infographic. 3D animation is often used to visualize a building, room or area or clarifies an instruction.

The end product
We deliver the finished product in full HD quality on Blu-Ray or as a file that you can download. We can upload the film on YouTube or another channel for you. We can still make a DVD for you with cover and label in your design.

Take a look at our portfolio